The Oscars Mimic the Golden Globes with a (Mostly) Plant-Based Menu squib

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Looks like the 2020 Oscars want in on one of awards season’s budding trends: plant-based menus. Last month Joaquin Phoenix convinced the Golden Globes to go vegan, with a menu that included mushroom “scallops” and a “vegan opera dome”—and now it appears the biggest night in Hollywood has followed suit. This year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will serve only plant-based menus during a Monday nominees luncheon and before the show on Sunday, Variety reports. The post-show Governors Ball, however, will still include some vegetarian and meat-based options.

Awards season menus seem to garner more attention now than they had in previous years—or at least, they generate a different kind of attention. The push for plant-based menus has not taken over every awards ceremony; Sunday’s Grammys, for instance, served a 64-ounce steak alongside a “zen garden crudité.” But the meatless menu buzz is only growing—and with the Oscars now on board, it seems safe to bet more shows are likely to follow suit in the future.

Climate change and sustainability have gotten more attention this awards season than during any other in recent memory. Phoenix pressed the issue last month during the Golden Globes, where several celebrities discussed just how dire climate change has become. Jennifer Aniston and Cate Blanchett specifically referenced the fires consuming Australia to demonstrate how important it is to act in any way possible, and during his own acceptance speech that night, Phoenix said, “I would like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing and acknowledging the link between animal agriculture and climate change.” He later added, “It’s great to vote—but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves and make changes and sacrifices in our own lives.”

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