Best Pals Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Share a Sweet Smooch on the Red Carpet squib

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen really are the closest of friends.

The longtime actors reunited at the London premiere of CBS All Access’ new reboot Star Trek: Picard. Stewart, 79, is returning to the role of Captain Picard almost 20 years after Star Trek: Next Generation went off air — and McKellen, 80, made sure to get a smooch in to celebrate his close pal.

In a sweet set of photos, McKellen is seen first getting on one knee as if bowing to Stewart or proposing, then stands next to him and brings him in for a cheeky kiss.

The pals have been friends for decades and even starred in the X-Men franchise together, with Stewart playing Professor Charles Xavier and McKellen the occasional villain Magneto.

The two are so close that McKellen even officiated Stewart’s wedding to wife Sunny Ozell, 41, in 2013.

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In May of last year, Stewart sent birthday wishes to McKellen when the actor turned 80, sharing a photo on Instagram from Stewart’s wedding.

“Happy 80th birthday wishes to @IanMcKellen! Sunny and I are grateful for all the love over the years, whether as a dear friend, minister at our wedding, or colleague on screen and stage,” he wrote.

“PS: @MadameOzell says you look gorgeous in a morning suit,” Stewart added of his wife.

Star Trek: Picard debuts Jan. 23.

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