Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump Jr.’s Ridiculous Drool-Stained Camo Gear squib


There is no one Jimmy Kimmel enjoys messing with more than Donald Trump Jr. Or as he calls him, “DJTJ.”

“Well, hello handsome!” the late-night host exclaimed after revealing the photo of “DJTJ” that the Trump Organization posted this week to promote its new line of camouflage merchandise.

“Some people noticed a stain in the photo, Do you see the stain?” Kimmel asked. “A lot of people said it was here, just under where his chin would be,” he added, making a red circle around the apparent wet spot on the first son’s T-shirt. “But that’s incorrect. The stain is actually here,” he said, circling his whole head. “Right on top of his neck.”

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