Garmin’s discounted dash cam also warns you of speed traps and red light cameras squib

We’ve already established that you have to be absolutely crazy to drive around without a dash cam. If you get into an accident that’s another driver’s fault, a dash cam lets you prove it in seconds instead of having to argue your case and hope the police believe you. So if you’re going to get a dash cam, why not get one that can pull double duty? The Garmin Dash Cam 35 is great dash cam, but it also has special features that can warn you when you’re approaching a speed trap or a red light camera. It’s a great value at its full retail price of $149, but Amazon has refurbished models for under $60.

Here’s some more info from the product page:

  • FORWARD COLLISION WARNING - Alerts if you drive too close to the car ahead (Dash Cam 35 only).
  • RED LIGHT & SPEED CAMERA WARNINGS - Alerts you to nearby red light cameras or speed cameras (Dash Cam 35 only).
  • INCIDENT DETECTION - G-Sensor automatically saves footage of incidents on impact.
  • SNAPSHOT - Allows you to take still images, from inside or outside your vehicle, to capture close-up collision damage.
  • DASH CAM PLAYER - Play back footage right on the display, or use our free Dash Cam Player to review later on your computer.
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