Learn How To Navigate The Foreign Exchange Market With This Course squib

The stock market used to be the go-to place for investing. But now investors increasingly trade in a new, more lucrative market—specifically, the foreign exchange market, also known as forex or FX. Savvy traders in this fast-moving branch can profit hugely off of wise investments. Not just anyone can make that happen, though. To be successful, you need to really know your stuff. That’s where programs like the New York Forex Institute Training & Certification Course come in.

This online course consists of 12 weekly lessons and 124 hours of training; once you’re finished and officially certified, you can muscle your way into a corporate currency swap division, become an independent investment manager, or just use all this newfound knowledge to grow your own net worth. The course also comes with several bonus products, at no additional cost—Forex Trading Blueprint, Forex Digital Flashcards, and Access to Forex Article Database—and right now you can pick it all up at a savings of 97%. The course normally costs $895, but you can get it now for just $25, and save an extra 10% when using code MADMARCH10 at checkout. Now that’s a savvy financial move.

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